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minidump is always deleted


(Testing :: Mochitest, defect)

Not set


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Ideally the minidump should be moved into a storage location for future analysis. 

Aside: this came up when I was running tests on a dedicated tinderbox (sm-a11y-test) and I had an application crash with related spew:
PROCESS-CRASH | | application crashed (minidump found)
No symbols path given, can't process dump.
MINIDUMP_STACKWALK not set, can't process dump.

No minidump to be found.
We should allow setting an environment variable containing a path, like MINIDUMP_STORAGE_PATH, and have move the minidumps there if it's set.
(Fwiw, maybe they could be uploaded to the related tinderbox ftp directory?)
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The machines that run packaged unit tests don't currently upload anything.
This would be very useful.
who would this get assigned to, were it to be prioritized?
Probably me. I could throw together a quick patch if it'd help you guys debug something.
It would really help finding bug 543558.
Blocks: 543558
This patch lets you set MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH=/some/path, and all minidumps will be moved there instead of just deleted. We should be able to set this on the test machines, and then you can ask someone from RelEng to fetch a minidump for you. I think this should be reasonably low-volume, so the manual intervention shouldn't be a problem. If we need something better in the future we can file another bug.
Assignee: nobody → ted.mielczarek
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Pushed to m-c:

Will file another bug on getting this setup on tinderboxes in a minute.
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