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ssltunnel should have more detailed errors


(Testing :: Mochitest, enhancement)

Not set


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[Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100122 SeaMonkey/2.0.3pre] (comm-1.9.1-win32-unittest/1264165841) (W2Ksp4)
INFO | | SSL tunnel pid: 852
failed to bind socket
Shutting down...

(I'm not sure why I'm getting this atm, but:)

It would be very helpful if the error reported: server_addr, listen_port, the result code, etc.
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> (I'm not sure why I'm getting this atm, but:)

(Ftr, my SeaMonkey (maybe ChatZilla related?) connections were interfering...
It works again: "Server listening on port 4443 with cert pgo server certificate".)
Serge, didn't it happen that you had been running another instance of ssltunnel?

However, I'll add more detailed logging. I have added some new recently just to investigate an intermittent bug, but I plane to keep it, just clean that up and some more with it.
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> Serge, didn't it happen that you had been running another instance of
> ssltunnel?

That happened with some other bug(s) in the past.
But not this time: I checked and eventually found that going offline with my SeaMonkey v1.5a "fixed" it.
(That's why the socket details would (have) make finding the "culprit" application much easier ;->)

Thanks for taking this bug :-)
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> See also bug 541117.

I'm not sure which code that bug wants "fixed".
But a comment there references bug 541000 which relates to nsServerSocket.cpp which has the same need for details:
Depends on: 542207
Another vote for more detailed error messages.  I just struck the same problem and it took alot of spelunking to determine that VMWare version 8 has a service related to "shared VMs" that by default grabs a couple of the same ports.  If the error message clearly said that it failed to bind a specific port (and even suggested I look for other processes which are bound to the port) I think I would have guessed the root cause of the problem much quicker and not have annoyed the guys in #ateam about failure of my mochi tests to work with SLL enabled sites :)
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