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sort out details of where OOP minidumps should wind up


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bug 539843 adds an API to submit crash reports. It takes an "id" parameter, which it expects to be the filename (sans extension) of a minidump in the "Crash Reports/pending" directory. It's also, conveniently, the exact data I provide on the PluginCrashed event in my patch in bug 541076. However, currently the OOP crash reporting paths don't move the minidumps from $profile/minidumps to Crash Reports/pending, which means the crash reporting UI has to do it. (The temporary UI in oopcrashdialog.js does this right now.)

We can't simply have the C++ move them to pending always, because that will break the test harnesses' ability to notice crashes and display a stack. The test harnesses currently set MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_NO_REPORT=1 to suppress launching of the crash reporter, which is why the minidumps stay in $profile/minidumps. We can honor that variable in the OOP case, but that will make writing a browser-chrome test for plugin crash reporting difficult, since the minidump won't wind up in pending as expected.

I don't really know what the right solution is here. Perhaps honoring the env var, but also providing a way for individual tests to override that setting?
Ok, this does basically what I described. I included a test that verifies that unsetting MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_NO_REPORT in a mochitest will let a minidump produced in that test be moved to pending, so we can use that to write a browser-chrome test for dolske's UI.
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If the diff looks wonky in bugzilla's diff viewer, it's because I "hg cp"ed test_crash_notify.xul to a new file.

Also, I did some gratuitous tab-removal in the
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The test here depends on bug 541076.
Depends on: 541076
Updated to apply cleanly.
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Leak quietly, rev. 1

We're leaking it either way, so whatever.
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In no way does this bug depend on bug 203764.
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