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change ConvertSupportsTojsvals not to use js_AllocStack


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Currently nsJSContext::CallEventHandler calls JS_CallFunctionValue with a js_AllocStack'd argument array.  This conflicts with upcoming changes which restrict how the stack is used.  Additionally, this seems wasteful because JS_CallFunctionValue calls js_InternalInvoke which just js_AllocStack/memcpy's a *second* arg vector.  So, should be an all-around win.
I spoke too soon.  Looking at the control flow, it appears that non-js_AllocStack'd data can also be used to call JS_CallFunctionValue.  I'll use the tempPool and an auto temp value rooter instead.
Summary: change nsJSContext::CallEventHandler to use js_Invoke → change ConvertSupportsTojsvals not to use js_AllocStack
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Here's the basic idea.

Added a snappy new js::LazilyConstructed template to jstl.h so that I can write:

js::LazilyConstructed<JSAutoTempValueRooter> tvr;
if (...) {
  tvr.construct(cx, argv, argc);

and have tvr do the right thing.
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Looks good, r=jst!
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Luke, anything left to do here, should this bug be marked fixed now?
Sayre usually merges to m-c, posts the cset and then marks as fixed.
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