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TM: "Assertion failed: LIR structure error (end of writer pipeline): argument 1 of 'ov' is 'add' (expected located immediately prior, but isn't): 0 (../nanojit/LIR.cpp"


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(Keywords: assertion, regression, Whiteboard: fixed-in-tracemonkey)

Assertion failed: 

  LIR structure error (end of writer pipeline):
    in instruction with opcode: ov
    argument 1 has opcode: add
    it should be: located immediately prior, but isn't
  One way to debug this:  change the failing NanoAssertMsgf(0, ...) call to a
  printf(...) call and rerun with verbose output.  If you're lucky, this error
  message will appear before the block containing the erroneous instruction.

: 0 (../nanojit/LIR.cpp:2339)

I get this multi-line assertion occasionally in jsfunfuzz but have been unable to get a reproducible testcase. This did not used to happen in previous TM revisions.
This isn't as bad as it first seems.

1. The bad news is that this problem has probably been around for a while.  LIR structure checking was recently added (bug 463137).  It didn't introduce the problem, it just gave us a way to identify it.  Furthermore, without a test case it's unclear what the effect will be;  it could be a correctness bug and/or a performance bug.  'ov' is an overflow check and it must immediately follow an add/sub/mul/neg, otherwise the generated code ends up checking the condition codes when they are in an unknown state, which probably leads to a guard exiting/not exiting more-or-less randomly.  This ov-must-immediately-follow-an-arith-op constraint is really nasty and error-prone (see bug 538484 for a similar case).

2. The good news is that 'ov' is slated for removal precisely because it is so error-prone (bug 539874).  It's going to be replaced with some less error-prone opcodes.  With that change this bug will go away.
Depends on: 539874
Summary: TM: LIR structure error assertion → TM: "Assertion failed: LIR structure error (end of writer pipeline): argument 1 of 'ov' is 'add' (expected located immediately prior, but isn't): 0 (../nanojit/LIR.cpp"
Bug 539874 (which makes this bug go away) is now marked fixed-in-tracemonkey.
Whiteboard: fixed-in-tracemonkey
Bug 539874 is now RESOLVED FIXED, so this bug is too.
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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