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Create redirect for "plugin-crashed" help-topic


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We need the help-topic "plugin-crashed" to redirect to the article:

For further info see bugs 538910 and 542410.

For QA:
Right now, we've got a placeholder that redirects to the "Firefox crashes" article, so that's were you should end up for now.
Target Milestone: --- → 1.5.2
Blocks: 542410
Assignee: nobody → laura
Don't forget to add an &as=u parameter to the query string to the rewrite to keep track of article hits coming from the UI.
Any chance we could get this done today? I'm planning on landing the patches that implement this today, so the link will be in tomorrow's trunk nightly.
Don't let this hold you back. We're still waiting for QA to sign off on SUMO 1.5.1 before we can schedule a push to production. And this is a SUMO 1.5.2 bug (filed after 1.5.1 froze).
Blocks: LorentzAlpha
The browser UI has landed and is live, and of course now we're getting reports that it's "broken" because this redirect is missing.

This shouldn't block on Sumo 1.5.2, the comment in bug 542410 indicates that this is a trivial 1-line htaccess change. Soon we'll be shipping a Firefox alpha with this link is a high-visibility UI which makes it even more important to get this working.
Laura, can we do a separate push to get this out asap?
Aiming to push 1.5.1 Thursday, I'll get it in ASAP.
Target Milestone: 1.5.2 → 1.5.1
Thanks Laura!
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Oho, I forgot the EU ballot changes.  revised patch on the way.
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with eu stuff this time

The patch failed 2/2 on a clean checkout of the 1.5.1_temp branch. Does it depend on having the Weave patch applied first? If so, feel free to re-request after that's landed.
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After applying all the patches that had already been applied to trunk, this still failed 1/2, the second hunk.
It depends on the Weave patch and the as=u patch and was diffed against updated trunk.  I'll see if I can work out what the problem is, it's a two line patch so it can't be that hard.
jsocol: applying this patch still wfm on trunk and branch, clean checkout of r62529.  Can you try again?
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with eu stuff this time

After all the other commits, patch finally applied.

And it works for me.
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In r62534/r62535
Closed: 14 years ago
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Verified, FIXED.
Justin, 1.5.1 has pushed. The link from trunk builds should point people to the "Firefox crashes" article.
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