Populate Login, Password & Passphrase Fields If Values Exist in Profile When Using Start Over



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8 years ago
When using the Weave "Start Over" process, the user must enter their login, password and passphrase even if these values exist in the profile whether the user is wanting to do a one-way sync or is building a new profile such as if an existing profile needs to be replaced for other reasons. In the case of building a new, replacement profile the user often adds copies of the two profile files for logins and passwords from the old profile to the new one.

It would be nice if the Weave UI was able to detect and populate the login, password and passphrase fields and thus save the user from having to dig them out and enter them manually. This can be even more difficult if the user has a very strong password and passphrase such as those generated by password generators.

It is not as much of a problem for me because I use KeePass Password Safe, but it is likely I am in the minority.
After we fix bug 539057, the only case where this will come into play is if another app adds this data to the profile, since the only reason to Start Over as it exists now will be to use a different account.  Given that, this feels like a tiny corner case, and not something we'll invest time in fixing.
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