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unify release automation *_info.txt files with the ones generated by the build system


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In bug 474610 Ted added a txt file that contains a buildid that gets uploaded alongside the build. We already do something similar for releases, but it's done in a Buildbot factory. We should support the build system way. The cheap way of doing this is to adjust the path and filename of this file to what the automation expects when MOZ_PKG_PRETTYNAMES is set. Probably the better way is to make the automation support the filenames that the build system already uses.
Yeah, I'm not married to the filename I'm using, it's just the basename of the package file, since that was convenient to use.
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Mass move of bugs to Release Automation component.
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Ben, do you know if we still want this?
It's a "nice to have" for me, I can't think of any reason why we want this other than avoiding duplication.
Duplicate of this bug: 706711
putting back in the pool
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Are these still going to exist after we have release promotion? IIRC we talked about possibly passing the buildids via other means, and I don't think these files are used for anything else.
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Looks like those are created in ReleaseBuildFactory, so we'll lose them by switching to mozharness. However we can parse files like
instead, contents:
I believe this is fixed and we use info.txt files generated by the build system
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