for-in loop should snapshot direct and prototype properties with shadowing, up front




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This avoids pathological duplicate-id results, matches other browsers, and can use a faster shadowing check to boot.

Assignee: general → jwalden+bmo
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Brendan and I came up with this while discussing this problem. Have to show this to Waldo and see what he thinks. This speeds up fasta a bit. Now 22% is spent in making the iterator object.
It occurred to me, skimming this, that if you cached a shape in the iterator, you could compare the pre-iteration shape to the mid-iteration shape and verify that properties haven't been deleted that way.  Any deletion in the object would kill you, but eh, that seems fine enough, it's not the common case.
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Nit: blank line here.

>+    /*
>+     * For native objects sample the property removal counter here. We will use it to

>+     * detect during iteration whether we have to re-scan the scope for properties
>+     * having been potentially deleted during the iteration. For non-native objects,
>+     * we always perform that check. We also disable the fast path if the class of
>+     * the object has an outerObject hook, since additional properties might have
>+     * been injected by it.

Uber-nit: ragged right margin is not consistent with any wrapmargin setting (wm in vim). For comments let's stick to readable old virtual-80 (wm=79).

>+     */
>+    JSClass *clasp;
>+    jsval sample = (!obj->isNative() ||
>+                    (((clasp = obj->getClass())->flags & JSCLASS_IS_EXTENDED) &&
>+                     ((JSExtendedClass *) clasp)->outerObject))
>+        ? JSVAL_VOID
>+        : INT_TO_JSVAL(cx->runtime->propertyRemovals & 0x7fffffff);

Super-duper-nit: indent the ? and : to underhang the leftmost ( of the condition.

>+        jsval sample = STOBJ_GET_SLOT(iterobj, JSSLOT_ITER_SAMPLE);
>+        if (sample == JSVAL_VOID || sample != INT_TO_JSVAL(cx->runtime->propertyRemovals& 0x7fffffff)) {

You don't need the JSVAL_VOID test, since it must be a distinct jsval from any INT jsval.

You forgot to update jsscope.cpp to bump propertyRemovals even when there's no slot for the property being removed.

This is a minimal solution that wins perf. I say we get a revised patch in, ASAP.

Waldo, checking shape is certainly doable but more work, and delete during for-in just never happens. For ECMA-262 correctness we have to care, but we shouldn't spend another byte of code or minute of bug comment editing worrying about it.

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stealing with permission
Assignee: jwalden+bmo → gal
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Results without patch:

Enumeration order: 
a b
Case I: 
a b
Case II: 
a a
Case III: 
Case IV: 
a c

Again the cases are:

Case I: Add a property to O's prototype.
Case II: Delete a property on O and add a property of the same name on the prototype.
Case III: Add a property to O so that the prototype's property of the same name becomes "shadowed". (Credit goes to Oliver Hunt for this one)
Case IV: Change O's [[Prototype]] property.

With the patch, the results are:

Enumeration order: 
a b
Case I: 
a b
Case II: 
a a
Case III: 
a b
Case IV: 
a c

Safari 4.0.4 from Kent's es-discuss post gives:

Enumeration order: a b
Case I: a
Case II: a
Case III: a b
Case IV: a

If we want to snapshot the entire prototype chain, then we should match this. The patch so far fixes our case III output to be a b, but it does not fix the case I or (horrible) case II output.

So the patch is a fine speedup and a partial fix to this bug. Spin it out to a new bug, or beef it up to fix the full bug reported here?

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Also, the patch is broken:

$ ./Darwin_DBG.OBJ/js
js> var p = {x:1}
js> var o = Object.create(p)
js> o.x = 2
js> for (i in o) print(i)

That lookupProperty is not just for deleted property suppression -- it performs the shadowing property suppression.

Tagging into the ring, I'll take the patch further.

Assignee: gal → brendan
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Broken as noted -- I have a derived patch in my mq, probably I should steal this bug.

Oops, already stole it!

Tagging out of ring for stack-shrunk-wrapped vars. Andreas is on this.

Assignee: brendan → gal
Ahem, don't keep dups on your list :-P.

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Duplicate of bug: fastiterators
Target Milestone: mozilla1.9.3 → mozilla2.0
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