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Firefox 3.6 hangs on exit, possibly due to Norton IPS or Norton Toolbar extension


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There have been many users reporting that Firefox has been hanging on exit this week in Live Chat.  Several users have confirmed that the problem is fixed by first ending the hung firefox.exe process, then disabling the Norton IPS and Norton Toolbar extensions.

Live Chat logs from this month with this issue are at|hang
I also solved a hanging issue with a user in #firefox @, where his Skype 4.0 software was hanging Firefox on exit. He had no Skype extensions installed in Firefox, yet Skype was still interfering somehow.

I asked him to update to Skype 4.1 and that fixed the hang for him.
Throwing this at QA -- can we get this looked at?  (We'd like reliable STR so we can write a KB article.)
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I extracted lists of extensions from last month's Live Chat logs where hanging on exit was confirmed.  Norton Toolbar and/or Yahoo Toolbar is present in the majority of these cases.

In most cases of these, users fixed the issues by using Safe Mode to disable all extensions.  In a few chats, users confirmed that the hanging stopped after disabling only Norton Toolbar and Norton IPS.

after talking with a lot of people at CeBIT it seems that this could also by caused by Avira's Antivir.

Kev is reaching out to Avira and will do this also and will go to the CeBIT booth.
talked to Avira at CeBIt today and they will inform their development to look into this issue
(In reply to Carsten Book [:Tomcat] from comment #5)
> talked to Avira at CeBIt today and they will inform their development to
> look into this issue

Is this, and bug 535345 still needed?
See Also: → 535345
Closing this old bug due to lack of progress. Please report a new bug if this is reproducible in a modern Firefox version with the latest Norton toolbar.
Closed: 7 years ago
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