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debug builders for maemo


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It would be nice to have builders producing debug builds so we can make sure that build configuration doesn't break.
off to john for prioritization
Assignee: nobody → joduinn
Removing winmo from summary due to bug 554087.
Summary: debug builders for maemo and winmo → debug builders for maemo
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> off to john for prioritization

Now that this is simplified (ie no WinMO), its in our control to do. Aki's wrapping up some Fennec 1.0.1 stuff right now, this can be soon after.
Assignee: joduinn → aki
Is this a dup of bug 526872?
Is there info on how to do this properly, a la bug 526872 comment 1 ?
no its not.  That bug is asking for debug symbols for our release and nightly builds.  This bug is for full debug builds in which our debug assertions are checked (and which we could potentially run native tests against).
Was able to build with --enable-debug on my local VM -- simple.

I think the only complexity here is whether to add an enable_debug per platform with special-cased debug mozconfig and debug upload path and refactor later, or refactor now for cleanliness.
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Should this be Maemo5 Gtk + Maemo5 Qt?
Currently I'm assuming both, m-c only ? Not sure if this is nightlies or per-checkin.
what is the status/eta of this?
Got bit by a build regression here (on 11/10, seemingly), so maybe the priority could be re-considered...?  I guess it's not a "drop everything" issue, but this bug has been open many months.
Assignee: aki → joduinn
OS: All → Maemo
Maemo -> tier 3.
Blocks: maemo-tier3
Closed: 9 years ago
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Product: → Release Engineering
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