Right Clicks menus, drop menus and the top level menus frequently stops to display




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As you can see on the screenshots I made, the menus stop working and doesn't show up. To fix it I must restart firefox. But then again it happens after some time of casual browsing, checking email etc... 

This started happening when I created a second administrator account on my PC. The accounts have different UI language. The first administrator account is in Bulgarian, the second is in English. It might be related to the Hanging up of firefox due to the "too many download items in the Downloads list".

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. I simply don't know how to recreate it, because it happens randomly when browsing the net.


9 years ago
Hardware: x86 → x86_64
When it happens again, can you please check the error console under tools if any error is displayed? Reproducible steps would be great. Lets say after opening a website with a plugin or something like that. If it happens again try to remember/save the recently opened websites and replay it after a restart. Thanks.

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9 years ago
In the error console no error is shown...

I got the same bug again on a different computer. This time it was on my Macbook Pro 13".

Up until recently my Windows x64 Pro installation on the MBP had only 1 user account (1 administrator) without password. I added a password a few days ago, because I needed the extra security. Until tonigh I didn't use Windows so this is the first time I use Firefox under Windows since the adding of the password and I get the bug... on my MBP. Not the PC. BTW the PC often (literally every day has this bug). This makes me think the bug has something to do with Windows user account. Since the bug occurred soon after there changes were made to them.

So the steps I think will lead to the bug.
0: Have Windows 7 x64 Pro or Ultimate installed with 1 user account... the administrator without a password.
1: Add a password or make a second user account so when you boot windows you get to the login screen, not directly to the Welcome message screen...
2: Start Firefox... Browse the net... and in a couple of hours it should occur.

P.S. I think the bug is "progressing". What I mean is the first time I noticed something was going wrong on the MBP install of FF is that the in my case menu bar, when I clicked on let's say File or Edit or History, the menu showed after lagging for a couple of seconds. A few minutes later and they didn't show at all.
Which graphic card do you have enabled on your MBP? Is the low power version? You can flip between both in the energy settings. I wonder if this is related. Same question applies to your Windows box.

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9 years ago
Ops forgot to mention it's the 13". So no second GPU for me. GeForce 9400 on the MBP and on the PC it's only 1 Intel X3100... 
Though I don't think it's GPU related...

I removed the password of my user account on the MPB e.g. returned it back to normal... So far the bug hasn't reappeared... so far.
Ok. So do you have any extensions installed? Please run the same tests with the password set in Safe Mode (http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Safe+Mode). Does that make any difference?
OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Whiteboard: [closeme 2010-05-12]
Duplicate of this bug: 555907

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8 years ago
Need a response to comment 5 to reopen. Anyone seeing this please work through the steps in the basic troubleshooting document. Knowing if Firefox's safe mode or a new profile causes the problem to go away would be helpful. http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Basic+troubleshooting
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