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reorder fulltext columns so body is the 0th column for disk-space savings


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Thunderbird 10.0


(Reporter: asuth, Assigned: protz)


(Keywords: perf, Whiteboard: [gloda key])


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Per, the doclist encoding for terms encountered in the 0th column is specialized.  This would save us 2 bytes per distinct term per document in the body.  It would also cost us 2 bytes per term per document in the subject, but since the subject should generally be much shorter than the body, the choice is clear.
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This seems to make test_msg_search.js fail (the non-failing tests might by commented out). Any idea as to why this may be failing will be highly appreciated :-).
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Ok, found what I missed. I fixed the comment if we ever want to swap the two again ;-)
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Patch v2

Ah yeah, the ranker function was a more recent addition.

Looks great, thanks for taking care of this!
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I suspect you are already aware, but just to make sure, we cannot land this unless we also land a patch that bumps the schema version, so do keep it in your queue.  I think it's okay if we bump the schema multiple times on comm-central as long as it doesn't get shifted to comm-aurora in between, so let's wait to do that until just after we make the next cut from comm-central to comm-aurora which should be happening soon.
Keywords: perf
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