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Land OOPP strings on the 1.9.2 branch (optional for now)


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We need to land the OOPP strings on the 1.9.2 branch. I have backported everything to Lorentz. I will attach the current diff between 1.9.2 and Lorentz. We need to land these strings on 1.9.2, and make compare-locales (or whatever verification system we're using now) note that the strings are optional, at least now, and provide English backup strings.
The way to make 1.9.2 ignore those strings is to adjust,
So given the toolkit changes, I guess Thunderbird will need to do the same thing.

If we can I'd like to base the changes to mail/locales/ on the browser/locales/ changes - but have time to land it before you guys land the strings.

I'm not sure what you guys have got planned for timescales for landing, but we're meant to be starting a string freeze tomorrow for a week, so it would be nice not to confuse our locales in that time.
Here are the changes. I'd like to land these and the strings ASAP so that localizations can start translations for beta.
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Attachment #434075 - Flags: approval1.9.2.3?
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String changes, 1.9.2 -> Lorentz

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Attachment #434075 - Flags: approval1.9.2.3? → approval1.9.2.3+
Mark, I'm confused by the setups in thunderbird land. In my configs, I see the tb31x tree to be against 1.9.2, in the buildbot-configs on the other hand, that seems to be against 1.9.1.

I'd guess we want to modify the on comm-central?
Hrm, and we need this for fennec11x, aka, mobile-browser/locales/
Blocks: 554214
Going to call this FIXED, and use bug 554214 for the English fallback strings (patch already posted).
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