Jetpacks get disabled on recent Minefield nightlies



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mak had also seen this issue.  I'm noticing that jetpacks get disabled on recent Minefield nightlies with Jetpack 0.8.1.  This should have happened some time in the past week.

What happens is Jetpacks just stop working after some time.  The workaround is to go to about:jetpack, uninstall them, reinstall them, and they will start working for a some limited time (a few minutes), and then they will stop working again.

This is fairly serious, since it will prevent me (and possibly other developers) from dogfooding recent nightlies, since we have a few jetpacks on which we rely for daily development.  I'm considering stepping down from nightlies, and that feels weird, since it'd be the first time in a couple of years for me not to run a nightly as my daily browser.  :-(
One other thing I've noticed is that if a jetpack has been working on a certain tab, it will continue to work on that tab, but it might be disabled in new tabs.

I'm running different nightly versions against my main profile to try to determine a regression range for this.
Here's the regression range:

I'll probably bisect at this point.
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90% sure it's, which is fixed on hg (but not released) by Moving the tabs caused a lot of problems with various extensions which were attaching "TabOpen", "TabSelect", "TabClose" event listeners to the tabbrowser.
Yes, in my testings, you're right.  It's a regression from bug 347930, and using the latest jetpack trunk fixes this problem.  Do we plan on shipping the latest tip as a minor update (0.8.2)?  I think we should.

Otherwise I'll just publish the latest builds on some server myself, I guess...
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Jetpack Prototype 0.8.2 was release so this is fixed. Yay!
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