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fix single objdir --enable-mobile build to work on all platforms


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The attached patch fixes my desktop Fennec build with just --enable-application=mobile to link the fennec binary correctly.

As a bonus, it uses -rpath=$ORIGIN, so you can run the resulting fennec binary without a wrapper script. The NSDISTMODE=copy is because apparently uses the realpath of the binary to calculate $ORIGIN, and we normally symlink it into dist/bin.

I haven't tested this on a Maemo build or the other desktop platforms yet, I should make sure it works there first. If it works properly there, we should switch our official builds to just do --enable-application=mobile instead of the current two-pass xulrunner+mobile builds.
This works fine on Maemo. Still need to sanity check it on Windows/OS X.
Blocks: 557201
Works on Windows, broke on OS X. Should be simple enough to fix.
Ok, this works on desktop Linux/Windows/OS X and Maemo.
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Fix linkage, use -rpath=$ORIGIN, fix OS X non-libxul-sdk

>+	printf "APPLMOZB" > $(DIST)/$(APP_NAME).app/Contents/PkgInfo
> else

could you please put a comment like "# not OSX" after the else for readability?
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