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Remove deprecated attributes and empty <mrow/>'s in mozilla/src/layout/mathml/tests/


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Some test files in mozilla/src/layout/mathml/tests/ use attributes such that fontweight that are now deprecaded:

Also, maxwell.xml contains some empty "<mrow></mrow>".
I would like to work on this, as my first summer volunteer project, for Mozilla.  What are the steps/requirements for this opportunity?
Thank you, Matthew.

This is about replacing the deprecated attributes with their preferred/newer notations.

The guides below are more oriented toward code changes but they give an idea of the process.  Even though you won't need to build the code for this bug, it will still be worthwhile obtaining the source from mercurial.
For the "<mrow></mrow>" in maxwell.xml, they are used as argument of a <munderover/> element. In that case, you can replace <munderover/> by <mover/> or <munder/> element and so remove the empty <mrow/>.
See the spec to understand how these mover, munder & munderover work:

Inferred <mrow>'s such that
can also be removed:

For the deprecated attributes, they are listed in the page I give above, as well as what to use instead. If you have a UNIX-like system, moving in layout/mathml/tests/ and calling a command like "grep -n fontstyle *" would help you to figure out where the deprecated attributes are located.
Note that the new attributes are now allowed on any MathML element, so something like
can be simply rewritten
<mi mathvariant='bold'>B</mi>

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask here.
Good luck for your summer volunteer project!
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@karl: When this bug as well as bug 602828 are fixed, I wondering if we should just move all these non-automated tests online, as I don't think anyone uses them otherwise.
Yes, moving them online sounds good.
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Are you able to look over this, please Frédéric?
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OK, that looks good, thanks. There are only too remaining deprecated attributes here:

fred@debian:~/mozilla/src/layout/mathml/tests$ grep -n fontstyle *
mixing.xml:99:  <mi fontstyle="italic">jif</mi>
mixing.xml:100:  <mi fontstyle="italic">jif</mi>

r=me with these changes.
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