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9 years ago
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9 years ago
We've had a number of third-party contributions to the SDK that don't fit into a particular built-in package. It'd be nice to have a 'credits' appendix that gave mad props to anyone who's contributed.
It would be good to get this in for 0.3 and give our contributors props!  Noelle: is this something for which you might be able to create a patch?
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Hardware: x86 → All
Target Milestone: -- → 0.3

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9 years ago
No problem. Just to verify;

* add a letter appendix to the index.html
* add a to the md directory
* give mad props to the folks who've contributed

is there a consolidated list of the folks who have contributed?

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9 years ago
Unfortunately, I don't think there is ... the committer field on each of the HG changesets is actually attributed to the person who wrote the patch, so going through it is probably the best we can do for now, alas. :/

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9 years ago
submitted:  committed changeset 529:830a2b510e2d
Noelle: it looks like you didn't push the change you committed up to the central repository.

Before you do so, however, can you attach a patch to this bug with the change so that release drivers (currently me) can take a look at it and approve it for landing during the tree freeze?  Now that the tree is frozen in preparation for the release, only release blockers and low-risk changes should be landing, and drivers should approve low-risk changes before they land.

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9 years ago
Created attachment 441225 [details] [diff] [review]
proposed patch
Looks good, thanks!  That's definitely low risk enough to land for 0.3.  Go ahead and push it, or if you're having any trouble doing so, just let me know, and I'll push it for you.
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The Add-on SDK is no longer a Mozilla Labs experiment and has become a big enough project to warrant its own Bugzilla product, so the "Add-on SDK" product has been created for it, and I am moving its bugs to that product.

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