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Does JSON.stringify(new String("foo")) return '"foo"' unconditionally, or does it depend on String.prototype.toString?


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Spec sez it depends on String.prototype.toString.  Chrome and WebKit both perform per spec; Firefox and Opera return the string object's primitive value.  My IE9 developer preview seems horked for some reason, so I can't tell what IE does here (does it even implement JSON?  really not sure).

Either behavior is somewhat reasonable, I kind of prefer our behavior but it's not to spec, so either this has to change or there has to be an erratum.
Started an es5-discuss thread on this:
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Patch and test

This corner of ES5 is gross. Oh well.

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Backed out, I forgot (as always) about the xpcshell tests (dom/src/json/test/unit/test_encode.js, dom/src/json/test/unit/test_wrapper.js) that need to be changed whenever JSON is changed.  A followup's usually easy.  But those tests compare against json2.js, which is not compatible with ES5 (no, really), so that's a strike against a fast fix.  Worse yet, json2.js appears to pollute [BNS].prototype with toJSON methods not in ES5, and those additions mean the ES5 algorithm short-circuits before the changes here could take effect, so basically it's impossible to fix fast.

Punting after 4.0, at which time I *will* kill those non-js/src/tests JSON tests -- they've been a problem for JSON-hacking SpiderMonkey developers for too long.
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I did the very minimum amount of work needed to make the DOM tests pass.  I'll file another bug to move/remove/etc. them.  Now waiting for the tree to be ready to take this.
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