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SUMO: Add WebTrends Tags


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Spin off of bug 556384. Looking at the docs posted by Blake in that bug, we would need to:

1) Remove old Omniture tracking code
2) Add the inline JS from webtrends.html to the bottom of our pages
3) Modify webtrends.js and set (from the .docx):
4) Load webtrends.js on all SUMO pages.

Blake, does this look good? Any other tracking params to set?

According to bug 556384, this would be nice to have in a week or so. Tentatively targeting for 1.5.4.
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Looks great.  I'll need to talk with Cheng before we push the change live.
Good! I wasn't clear in comment 0 so I'll ask -- which pages do we want to track? Wiki pages, forum threads, search pages?
We'll track everything (unless you can think of a reason we shouldn't).
Cheng requested that we keep both the Omniture and WebTrends tags for 1-2 weeks.  This will slight increase page load time, but I think it makes sense for our transition. 

Can I get an ETA?  Thanks!
Summary: Remove Omniture Tags and Add WebTrends Tags → SUMO: Remove Omniture Tags and Add WebTrends Tags
I could file a patch adding WebTrends on Monday. When it will be live depends mostly on IT. What do you think, James? Maybe Thursday?
1.5.4 is planned for the week of the 19th right now. I don't see anything here that would force us to push early.
sound good. thanks.
We'll need to keep Omniture up and running for at least 3 weeks while we make the change so that we can compare metrics and we don't lose stuff while we're adapting.  So if there's a hard stop on the Omniture stuff, we may want to pull this forward, otherwise, whenever.

Also retitling the bug to focus on adding web trends, we'll take off the omniture stuff after we're done migrating.
Summary: SUMO: Remove Omniture Tags and Add WebTrends Tags → SUMO: Add WebTrends Tags
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Attached patch add webtrends, v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This adds the webtrends inline code to our footer and the external JS. I preferred using Wenzel's version to pass in options to the WebTrends constructor.
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Been following a conversation outside Bugzilla, and it looks like we might have some new, better JS to embed soon.
This follows AMO's example from attachment 441820 [details] [diff] [review] and uses a similar webtrends.js (with the updated dcsid & co).
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Attachment #440858 - Flags: review?(james)
Looks like this patch contains two copies of the JS. Did you not rm the file and then reapply the patch at some point?
Yes. That's because I ignorantly applied the patch over at some point.
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Attachment #441939 - Flags: review?(james)
Attachment #441929 - Flags: review?(james)
Comment on attachment 441939 [details] [diff] [review]
fixed double-patched webtrends.js

Looks good to me.
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r66525 on trunk
minify.conf.php is not updated automatically, so I filed bug 562192.


QA: please hold off on verifying until bug 562192 is fixed.
Closed: 13 years ago
Depends on: 562192
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Verified FIXED:

<script defer src="/js/webtrends.js"></script>
    <img id="DCSIMG" width="1" height="1" src=";WT.js=No&amp;"/>
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