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:visited doesn't work on first-letter styles unless unvisited links also specify the first-letter style


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:visited on first-letter styles fails to be honored if there isn't a first-letter style also in effect for the unvisited link.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Test case:

span { display: block }
a { display:block }

:visited > span:first-letter {
<p>The H in the word hello below should be orange for a visited link.</p>

<a href=""><span>Hello</span></a>
This is a regression from David Baron's fix for the history privacy leak.
Blocks: 147777
Keywords: regression, testcase
Ever confirmed: true
Actually this first regressed when we made visited checks async (bug 461199) because we don't handle dynamically applied first-letter styles (bug 8253). The history privacy leak fix would still prevent this from working with the patch in bug 8253.
Broken in WebKit too.  Here's the corresponding bug:
Depends on: 8253
I would consider this expected behavior following the privacy fix; whether or not a pseudo-element is present should not change as a result of whether a link is in history, since whether a pseudo-element is present is likely detectable through various mechanisms.  I suppose I should make this clearer in
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