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Micro-optimize nsCSSPropertySet


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The size of the generated code for nsCSSPropertySet can be cut approximately in half by using 'unsigned long' instead of PRUint8 for storage (I deliberately use this unwrapped type so that it will be register-sized on both ILP32 and LP64 builds), and explicitly converting method arguments from nsCSSProperty to size_t before using them as indices.  The latter is the more important change; it allows the compiler to use unsigned rather than signed arithmetic (the nsCSSProperty enumeration includes the value -1, so the whole type has to be signed).  Here's what the generated code for one method looks like before the change:

        leal    63(%rsi), %edx
        testl   %esi, %esi
        movl    %esi, %eax
        cmovns  %esi, %edx
        sarl    $31, %eax
        shrl    $26, %eax
        sarl    $6, %edx
        leal    (%rsi,%rax), %ecx
        movslq  %edx,%rdx
        andl    $63, %ecx
        subl    %eax, %ecx
        movl    $1, %eax
        salq    %cl, %rax
        orq     %rax, (%rdi,%rdx,8)

and after:

        movslq  %esi,%rcx
        movl    $1, %eax
        movq    %rcx, %rdx
        andl    $63, %ecx
        shrq    $6, %rdx
        salq    %cl, %rax
        orq     %rax, (%rdi,%rdx,8)
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I also converted PRBool to bool in this code (just for tidiness' sake -- it doesn't make a codegen difference), which means some '!= 0's are now unnecessary, but I think it reads better with them there.
Attached patch slightly revised patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Miss one lousy cast and it all blows up.
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Attachment #439424 - Flags: review?(dbaron)
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slightly revised patch

r=dbaron if you replace those tabs you introduced with appropriate numbers of spaces
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Tabs removed from my copy; will wait to land until the tree is no longer metered.
as requested.
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