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Ad on renders Javascript as text and prevents pages from loading correctly


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A (Hotmail?) ad in the Fox News rotation is causing Firefox to render the page with javascript code and unreadable.

Based on:
Cheng, could you pull the URLs from those reports into a comment here, as well as an example of the garbage spew?

Also: is it working in other browsers but not Firefox? If they reload does it work?
Attached file random code
It's no single page on fox news just random times when they're trying to load articles.

Attached example of spew -- will try for a screenshot today.

Firefox only, people say that IE works fine (as does Safari on Mac).

I've tried reloading various articles on dozens of times with no problem so it's possible it's already been fixed.
Still shows up from reports as recently as Sunday.  Got screenshot from a user:
I'm not really sure where this bug belongs or how to make headway on it without a reproducible testcase. Is there any way we can ask the users to forward the page source to us so that we can try to extract the object ID from the ad that we suspect is causing this?

Also, can we validate the suspicion that it's third-party ad content causing it? The best way I can think of to do that is to ask users to shift+reload several times to see if it goes away.
As for the reports, pretty much everyone mentioned the hotmail ad in the screenshot above.

I've made a few requests for the page source, let's see if that pans out.
Keywords: qawanted
WFM on latest nightly (2013-01-27) and FF 19b3 on Windows 7 x64, Ubuntu x86 and Mac OS 10.8.

Based on my investigations done I consider this issue Resolved WFM. If anyone can still reproduce this issue on one of the versions mentioned above please reopen it.
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