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[an] [Fx,Tb] New localization: Aragonese


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My name is Daniel Martinez and I'm in a group called softaragones ( that dedicate to translate software into Aragonese. My e-mail address:

The 639-1 code of the language is an
English name: Aragonese
Native name: Aragonés

We're interested in translate Firefox and we're using narro to do it.
You can view our progress at

I filed this bug to registrate Aragonese team.

Reproducible: Always
Summary: [an] Aragonese: Firefox → [an] [Fx,Tb] New localization: Aragonese
Now we changed the way to make the translations and we're using other tools.

The result of our new work is here
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Ola Daniel, we'll use this bug later on (after a couple of langpacks maybe) to ask for official Aragonese Mozilla products.

after Axel's comment in IRC, I would like to ask for a Hg personal repo for Daniel so he can start working with the strings before submitting them to the definitive repository.

Otherwise, would be other recommended way? 

Which are the steps to follow? Should he fill in and send any form?

Thanks in advance!
Sorry for pestering. Any recommendation? Thanks!
I suggest to go for a user repo. has instructions on how to create those.

If you get to the point to want write access for Daniel, feel free to file a bug for level 1 access, and CC me to vouch.
Hi, Daniel has already populated his user repo with current Aurora strings: and he is generating XPI langpacks with no problems. Which would be the next steps?
Hi! Any direction about next steps? Thanks!
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updated to aurora and now there are several searchplugins
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Hi Axel, according to what you commented me, we cannot advance in this bug (and other candidate locales) because of the lack of clarity of certain documentation that is affected by Bedrock migration 
Could we track this in a separate bug maybe?
Comment on attachment 639669 [details]
Aurora updated l10n files

Hi Daniel, sorry for the lag. The attached source is looking good, and we'd like to add you to the Firefox 18 cycle.

We'll have a few bugs and work to go through beyond the mere strings in Firefox, I'll start filing those later today.

I see that you continued to land your work on, that's great, thanks.

I see that you already landed one local search engine, we should quickly verify that, or back it out until we did. I'll detail in the bug for that.

Thanks for hanging in there, I hope that we'll be able to give you a smooth path from here on. See also on what we stream-lined in the meantime.
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