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Fix .tv on PSL


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We should make .tv flat.

Peter Bowen writes:

The current public suffix list suggests that {com,net,org,gov}.tv are
public suffixes.  However, none of the available documentation supports
- Whois data on shows a single registration
- {net,org,gov}.tv are shown as unregistered is an active website.  It is in Chinese, and is not
translatable using machine tools, as it contains text that has been
rendered into graphics.

Searches using public search engines (Google, etc) do not show any sites
in {net,org,gov}.tv and show results for that match the pattern
for a private domain rather than public suffix.

Several registrar FAQs on the .tv TLD suggest that it is completely
flat, like the .com TLD. (Differentiates "premium
names", but only notes that they have a different pricing structure) (Defines premium
names as having one to three characters as the second level label)

Although it is not necessarily a reliable source, supports that .tv is completely flat.

I realize that the guidelines state that emails with updates "must come
from an address in your registry's official domain", and I am in no way
related to the .tv registrar, so please feel free to ignore this email.

Summary: Fix .tv on IDN whitelist → Fix .tv on PSL
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I think the safest thing to do is just remove If the others are unregistered, it doesn't matter for now, and if the government of Tuvalu decides to have a web presence, it's very likely to be under IMO.

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I think the safest thing to do is to remove everything but .tv.  If .tv is flat, and anyone ever sets up or, Chrome users won't be able to easily visit those sites.  I read some of the docs and they don't mention anything about 2LDs (although to be fair they don't mention much of anything).
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OK, then.

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Patch v.2

You might want a brief comment about not listing any 2LDs as "reserved" since none seem to exist (since the Wikipedia entry noted in the existing comment mentions in passing).
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Closed: 11 years ago
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Patch v.2

a=beltzner for mozilla-1.9.1 (default) and mozilla-1.9.2 (default)
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This was approved for GECKO1924_20100413_RELBRANCH on mozilla-1.9.2 as well, so that we can pick the fix up if we do build #7.
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