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[k] Add nicer 404 and 500 handlers


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We should add friendlier-looking 404 and 500 pages in Kitsune.

These pages would only appear when going to a Kitsune URL and getting a 404/500 (for example, going to /forums/non-existent-slug, or adding a trailing /).

We can override the defaults by setting handler404 and handler500, respectively, in the root These can be custom views (frex: sumo.views.handle404).

In the 404 handler, it'd be nice to check for a trailing slash, and redirect to remove it. (The destination URL might still be a 404, but it would clean up the /search/ => 500 issue better than the .htaccess fix.)
Assignee: nobody → james
Summary: [k] Add nicer 404 and 500 pages → [k] Add nicer 404 and 500 handlers
WIP:, includes the 404 handler and moves around the basic search form a bit. on forums branch

QA: You won't see this on stage-new until we've merged the forums branch into development, which is hopefully soon.
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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