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Please change moff redirects to be proxy redirects


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Sorry for this -- the redirects on moff.m.c (/dists and /maemo) looked good to me, but on the N900 they're causing issues.

Can you change these to be proxy redirects? (mod_rewrite [P]) -- I *think* this will fix it.  Basically, I want the redirects to redirect without notifying the client that it's hitting a different path.  Currently if you hit moff.m.c/dists or moff.m.c/maemo it shows that you're getting contents from a different location.

Our other solution could be softlinks.  I'm avoiding this because we already have a mobile/releases/maemo that will need to be moved, along with our bouncer links and blog/release announcement href links, if we rename that.
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This is pretty bad, can we get this fixed quickly?
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This should do the trick:

-       Redirect /maemo
-       Redirect /dists
+       Alias /maemo /data/www/
+       Alias /dists /data/www/
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For whatever it's worth, I notice there's a physical maemo directory in the docroot which is not the same as latest/maemo, and is currently inaccessible (and has been since those redirects were put in place).  I'm guessing that's probably okay, but just thought it'd be worth pointing out, because the existence of that directory is mostly useless at the moment.
Thanks Dave!
Trying to track down people to verify.

And yes, the maemo directory in docroot is accessed via ftp.m.o and/or bouncer, and the install files reference moff.m.c (but not moff.m.c/maemo), so we should be good here.
ah, looking at that thread (which explains more than it did here) I think the trailing slash on the redirects that were previously in place is what broke them.

But as the current setup with the aliases works, there's probably no point in messing with it now.
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