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defaults/profile/prefs.js not shipped on localized builds


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Firefox 3.7a5


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defaults/profile/prefs.js is listed in the l10n section of package-manifest, but because of the way it's build does not end up in the resulting l10n build.  This file has been shipping in en-US only since at least Firefox 2.0 (I didn't check further back)  I can't see any reason why it should only ship in en-US, and it doesn't appear to actually be localized (from what I saw in l10n-central).
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This is a problem in the MSI builds because the MSI packaging tools choke on missing files while the normal packing scripts ignore them.  Perhaps we should change the normal scripts to be validating as well?
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Ship prefs.js in all locales

I don't really have feedback to this, other than "yeah, doesn't need to be in l10n".
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note for posterity: the prefs.js file was added in bug 253291 to fix a bug where preference changes weren't save on Linux with new profiles after installing with the wizard on Linux which no longer exists. Looks to me that it was mistakenly added to the locale section especially since the file wasn't added under en-US.
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Ship prefs.js in all locales

If at some point it is desired to localize this file it should be dealt with in a separate bug to move this under locales dir. etc.
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