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Fake release runs on staging/preproduction should download previous release automatically


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When we reach the updates builder we have to remember to have downloaded manually into staging-stage the previous release for this to work.
Blocks: 563942
Whiteboard: [simple] → [simple][automation][releases]
Updating summary to be more generic/include preproduction.
Summary: Fake release runs on staging should download previous release to staging-stage → Fake release runs on staging/preproduction should download previous release automatically
Blocks: 627307
Blocks: 627667
Assignee: nobody → rail
Adds a staging scheduler which is supposed to be fired by as repo_setup. releaseConfig['skip_release_download'] = True disables the builder (makes it dummy).
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* Very similar to push-to-mirrors scripts (a lot of boilerplate :( )
* --download-current-release is supposed to be used in pre-production in the future to download both, prev and current, releases to run update tests (see bug 627667)
* Please check the directories to be ignored by -X (-R works for the file part of a URL only, -X requires full prefix). According to the docs in comment #1 we want to ignore at least unsigned directory. I also added contrib*, partner-repacks and win32-EUBallot.
* Staging tests are passed :)
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release_downloader scripts

This wget looks fine in the "downloading the previous release" for now, but if we ever want to download the current release for the purpose of comparing a re-run of it, we'll be wanting everything except unsigned.

You're cd's before clobberer and purge_builds go one too far: adjust them like this:, lest we have a repeat of broken Scratchboxes.
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