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passphrase can match password for new accounts


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fallout from unification.  this is kind of a hacky solution, I'll think about a more elegant solution later.
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kind of a hack

>+++ b/source/chrome/locale/en-US/
> change.passphrase.ppSameAsPassphrase = The secret phrase cannot be the same as your current secret phrase
> change.passphrase.ppSameAsPassword   = The secret phrase cannot be the same as your password
>+change.passphrase.ppSameAsUsername   = The secret phrase cannot be the same as your user name
>+change.password.pwSameAsPassphrase   = Password can't match secret phrase
>+change.password.pwSameAsPassword     = Password can't match current password
>+change.password.pwSameAsUsername     = Password can't match your user name
Any reason why we have different wording for passphrase vs password matching/being same?
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There's more room in the secret phrase UIs for longer strings.  The password fields are in grids which eat a lot of space, so we'd get ugly UI with longer strings.

I'm probably going to file a bug on doing feedback using an XBL binding so we can play with using description or something similar to allow wrapping, without putting a lot of intelligence into callers.  Also means language with longer strings aren't as screwed.
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