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More country domains from Yahoo. and both have MX [letter], identical to MX, so they are just aliases. has mx[number] Mails may or may not be fetchable from
Help docs describe pop.|
(But they do the same for, the docs say to use while works as well.)
Username is EMAILLOCALPART (or EMAILADDRESS, they seem to be confused, or I just can't read Japanese - Kohei, can you help, please?).

The docs also mention email addresses (BB = bulletin board?), with ybbsmtp.| .

Kohei, could you please get yourself a and a address, and try whether you can (after enabling POP access in webmail settings!) get mail from
*, SSL, port 955, username EMAILLOCALPART
*, SSL, port 955, username EMAILLOCALPART
*, SSL, port 955, username EMAILADDRESS
for both and addresses?
My hope is that the first server works for both addresses, so we could just add an alias.
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Kohei, ah, good to know.
Could you please check (via POP3 server login, see comment 0, last part) whether we can unite them with Thanks.
Re-added old (converted to v1.1) for now, pending response.
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Adding, also a top20missing            7160    IN      MX      10

Does work for accounts?
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Add and as aliases

Do we only have the one file now?  Nice!

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Ops, last patch added, although description said fixed.
Commited as SVN revision 67133
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Whiteboard: [top-missing-domain] → [top-missing-domain] + jp needs testing,, done appeared in the top70, it's clearly an alias, same MX as
Duplicate of this bug: 580946
Duplicate of this bug: 580950
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Add and as aliases

Commited as SVN Revision 71128
Whiteboard: [top-missing-domain] + jp needs testing,, done → [top-missing-domain] + jp needs testing,, done [config]
Component: ispdb → ISPDB Database Entries
Product: Mozilla Messaging → Webtools
It seems like only was lacking an entry, and now that I've added a domain alias for to handle cases where Yahoo hosts mail for other services in bug 947463, this also covers  (Noting that is in fact a different infrastructure and already appropriately has a separate ISPDB entry.)
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