buildbot should cope when firefox/plugins doesn't exist



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7 years ago
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7 years ago
I checked in a patch for bug 533891, which passed locally, on the try servers and also on the production servers. Later on a clobber happened and my patch was found to have caused a problem:

bash -c cp bin/xpcshell firefox && cp -R bin/components/* firefox/components/
&& cp -R bin/plugins/* firefox/plugins/ && python -u
xpcshell/ --symbols-path=symbols
--manifest=xpcshell/tests/all-test-dirs.list firefox/xpcshell
cp: cannot create regular file `firefox/plugins/': Is a directory

This seems to be related to this code:

I'm not sure exactly what is wrong but this problem needs to be resolved one way or another.
I'm not positive, but I think what's wrong is that since we're still going to
scan firefox/plugins/, and tests need to have the test plugin in there, but
we're not going to ship anything in there anymore, (and every lame
plugin installer that thinks dropping crud in there is the right thing to do)
needs to create the directory if it doesn't exist, before copying into it.
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The "copy crap to the app dir" is because we haven't yet fixed bug 486570.


7 years ago
Depends on: 486570
To be crystal clear, the work item is: Ensure firefox/plugins exists before trying to copy to it.
Summary: problem with assumptions about the existence of a plugins dir → buildbot should cope when firefox/plugins doesn't exist
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7 years ago
I have tested Flash, Quicktime, and WMP installers on Windows 7 - none of them have problems with Firefox not having a plugins dir in the app package. The WMP installer creates the dir, the others just use the registry as they should.
Josh, if QuickTime is using the registry then that is new. My Win7 system has QuickTime installed and it doesn't though it has copied several QuickTime plugin files into my plugins directory... can you double check this?

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7 years ago
I had Quicktime in the plugins dir too (when I had one), I think quicktime is just playing it safe and using the registry + the plugins dir if one exists. We aren't deleting the plugins dir, so if someone had one from an older quicktime install that didn't use the registry (I don't know if such a thing exists) they'll be fine.


7 years ago
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4 years ago
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