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Inspect doesn't work inside iframes


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(Reporter: ehsan, Assigned: msucan)


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1. Go to gmail.
2. Tools->Inspect.
3. Move the mouse over the window.

The entire content area is highlighted, and nothing else happens.  Esc/Enter do not work.  Clicking anywhere doesn't have any effect.  The inspector panel cannot be interacted with.  The only way to get your browser back is to switch tabs or Tools->Inspect again.
I changed the dynamic inspection mechanism later in the review process and haven't had a chance to fix it to work properly with subdocuments. Gmail is a lot of iframes and the highlighter won't descend into them yet.

I'm going to modify the subject of this bug to reflect that. Thanks!
Summary: Inspect doesn't work on gmail → Inspect doesn't work inside iframes
Assignee: nobody → mihai.sucan
Attached patch fix + test code (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is the patch that fixes the bug. The patch includes test code as well.

Please let me know if the patch needs any adjustments. It should apply cleanly on mozilla-central default branch.

I would also ask for nomination as a blocker for this bug, so we can get this checked into Firefox 4 betas.

Attachment #460498 - Flags: feedback?
Attachment #460498 - Flags: feedback? → feedback?(rcampbell)
945  elementFromPoint: function IUI_elementFromPoint(aDocument, aX, aY)
946  {
947    var node = aDocument.elementFromPoint(aX, aY);

use let instead of var here.

Otherwise I think this looks great. Nice-looking test too.
Attachment #460498 - Flags: feedback?(rcampbell) → feedback+
Updated patch, as requested.

Thanks for your feedback+!
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blocking2.0: --- → ?
blocking2.0: ? → betaN+
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[checked-in] updated fix + test code
Attachment #460536 - Attachment description: updated fix + test code → [checked-in] updated fix + test code
Closed: 9 years ago
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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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