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Image documents shouldn't reveal an HTML structure when inspecting


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Is this expected?
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Why INVALID? Seems like we should disable the inspect command for these documents, no?
why? Didn't seem like a bug to me. The tree is showing what the browser's created to display the image document. The image itself is correctly highlighted (though the subject matter made that a little confusing because it's highlighting over an image of the highlighter).

If you think this is a bug we can reopen it.
Well, the problem here is that almost nobody expects there to be an HTML document behind images, etc.  We know this, and it's natural for us, because we're developing the browser, but it might be totally unexpected for other people.

I suggest to disable Inspect for audio/video/image documents, but I don't hold that position strongly enough to urge me to reopen this bug!  :-)
I might be starting to convince myself otherwise. Testing a .png document (your screencap, minus the tinygrab stuff), pressing cmd-a to select the page and then right clicking to view the selection source, the context menu option is disabled. So we have at least one other place in the browser where we're doing this kind of check to prevent people from seeing under the covers.

I guess for consistency's sake, we might want to do that here as well. Though Gavin's "meh!" is a strong argument against.
Resolution: INVALID → ---
filter on PEGASUS
Priority: -- → P3
Not sure we should fix this... If we fix this, we need to fix other similar cases as well like videos. I don't think it's worth fixing, especially since inspecting images is not a common use case.
Patrick, what do you think?
Component: Developer Tools → Developer Tools: Inspector
Flags: needinfo?(pbrosset)
Summary: Inspect in image documents → Image documents shouldn't reveal an HTML structure when inspecting
I personally think we should not fix this.
I value the fact that the inspector really shows what's in the page. And that it shows people what the browser actually generated to display the image.
For instance on I can use the inspector to know why the background is a grainy dark gray, and how is the image centered and resized when I resize the browser window.
Why would we want to hide this at all? If people use this page to copy/save the image, then they're most probably not going to open the inspector anyway and be bothered by it.
Closed: 14 years ago8 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(pbrosset)
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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