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Update buildbot slaves to support log buffering


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From #build:

<catlee>        KaiRo: if you look in our buildbot repo, I've backported a patch for the slaves that does slave-side log buffering, which improved our load a ton
<KaiRo> catlee: ah, that sounds interesting... just needs the slaves to be updated to the tip of the default branch of the buildbot repo? or master as well?
<catlee>        KaiRo: this one in particular:
<catlee>        tip is probably good enough
<catlee>        doesn't require master-side changes
<KaiRo> catlee: cool, sounds good, I'll try that!

cb-seamonkey-linux-03 and cn-sea-qm-centos5-01 have been done, the rest still needs this to happen.

(I just realized it might be good to have a bug filed so I can point people to it - and reference it in status updates...)
Actually, cb-seamonkey-linux-03 and cn-sea-qm-centos5-01 still need that buildbot to be actually installed (sudo python install) - I previously only did the |sudo hg pull -u| there.

cb-seamonkey-win32-{02,03}, cn-sea-qm-win2k3-01, cb-sea-miniosx{03,04,05} are fully done now, though.
cb-sea-miniosx{01,02} and cb-seamonkey-linux64-01 are fully done now, which makes Mac and Linux64 being completely updated.
cb-seamonkey-linux-02, cb-sea-linux-tbox and cb-seamonkey-win32-01 are fully done now.

cb-sea-miniosx-02 apparently didn't come back from the reboot I did after this yet, I'll need to look into that.
Depends on: 567104
cb-seamonkey-linux-01 is fully done, and cb-seamonkey-linux-03 has now been completed as well.

That leaves only cb-sea-win32-tbox to be done and cn-sea-qm-centos5-01 to be finished up. And I filed bug 567104 on IT for miniosx-02 going AWOL.
And, just as I wrote that, cn-sea-qm-centos5-01 became available, so I could finish it up as well.
Now only waiting on cb-sea-win32-tbox, which is currently doing the 1.9.1 nightly.
And now cb-sea-win32-tbox is done. Mission accomplished.
Closed: 11 years ago
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