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Update about:firstrun for Fennec 2.0a1


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Hey Mark,

Can you change Weave Sync to Firefox Sync on the local first run page? All remote instances are being taken care of.

Not really if we want to ship soon. Weave/Sync shows up in a few places in l10n, and thus we'd break string freeze hard, and basically start shipping RC 1 from scratch.
Just spoke with Mark and Stuart. If this is going to break things, let's get it changed for 1.1.1
What's the status of this, Mark? I'd really like to get this swapped out ASAP.
I haven't heard from anyone here. The first run in Alpha is inaccurate now that Sync is built-in and the starter kit is 50% compatible. 

Can we do something simple letting people know where to login with Firefox Sync credentials as first run and a bit about the new Start page? If I can give you a bit of copy and we keep the Take a Tour, is this something we can get in by release?

Do we have mockups of the new start page? I guess you'd like the Firefox sync section to open the pref panel and show the sync preferences?
Assignee: mark.finkle → wjohnston
tracking-fennec: --- → ?
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All

Wes has my new copy and we're using the images from the download page. We're all changing the header and replacing Features link with Rel Notes. I think this should actually look and behave really well. Thanks everyone!
Summary: Please change Weave Sync to Firefox Sync on first run → Update about:firstrun for Fennec 2.0a1
tracking-fennec: ? → 2.0a1+
This removes the intro gif which, doesn't play anymore. Also replaces the images in the three options.

The options are changed so that Weave->Sync, and points to the prefs pane. The second Addons button points to the Addons prefs. And the third points you to about:home. Also removed a few other links and added a link to the release notes (page doesn't exist yet?)
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Cleanup for Alpha

>+          let syncArea = win.document.getElementById("prefs-sync");
>+          if(prefsBox && syncArea) {
>+            prefsBox.ensureElementIsVisible(syncArea);
>+          }

No {} needed for one-liners

>-<!ENTITY firstrun.features             "See More Features">
>+<!ENTITY firstrun.heading              "Welcome to &brandShortName;">
>+<!ENTITY firstrun.sync.title          "Get Firefox Sync">
>+<!ENTITY firstrun.sync.description    "Share your &brandShortName; history, passwords, bookmarks &amp; tabs between your desktop &amp; mobile">
>+<!ENTITY firstrun.starter.title        "Get Addons">

Align text please
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Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Sorry to always bitch about this kind of things but changing strings without changing the key name is plainly wrong.
Reopening. And yeah, nominating comment 8 as review comment of the week.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
litmus testcase updated
Flags: in-litmus+
Attached patch String fixes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Fixes up string and id names. Uses the same logic as the about.xhtml page for finding the release notes url as well.
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String fixes

>diff -r d2e084002d97 chrome/content/firstrun/firstrun.xhtml
>--- a/chrome/content/firstrun/firstrun.xhtml	Thu Aug 19 15:21:07 2010 -0400
>+++ b/chrome/content/firstrun/firstrun.xhtml	Fri Aug 20 09:05:58 2010 -0700
>@@ -69,22 +69,21 @@
>       <h1><img src="chrome://branding/content/logoWordmark.png"/></h1>
>       <p>&firstrun.heading;</p>
>     </div>
>     <div id="content">
>       <h2></h2>
>       <ul id="recommended">
>         <li id="sync"><a href="javascript:loadSync();"><b>&firstrun.sync.title;</b> <span>&firstrun.sync.description;</span></a></li>
>-        <li id="starter"><a href="javascript:loadAddons();"><b>&firstrun.starter.title;</b> <span>&firstrun.starter.description;</span></a></li>
>-        <li id="tour"><a href="about:home"><b>&firstrun.tour.title;</b> <span>&firstrun.tour.description;</span></a></li>
>+        <li id="addons"><a href="javascript:loadAddons();"><b>&firstrun.addons.title;</b> <span>&firstrun.addons.description;</span></a></li>
>+        <li id="home"><a href="about:home"><b>&firstrun.home.title;</b> <span>&firstrun.home.description;</span></a></li>
>       </ul>
>-      <p id="features"><a href="">&firstrun.features;</a></p>
>+      <p id="relNotes"><a id="releaseNotesURL">&firstrun.relNotes.label;</a></p>
>       <script type="application/javascript;version=1.8"><![CDATA[
>         let Ci = Components.interfaces, Cc = Components.classes, Cu = Components.utils;
>         let gChromeWin = null;
>         function getChromeWin() {
>           if (!gChromeWin) {
>             gChromeWin = window
>                     .QueryInterface(Ci.nsIInterfaceRequestor)
>@@ -107,16 +106,18 @@
>           if (prefsBox && syncArea)
>             prefsBox.ensureElementIsVisible(syncArea);
>         }
>         function loadAddons() {
>           let win = getChromeWin();
>           win.BrowserUI.showPanel("addons-container");
>         }

Remove the unneeded whitespace

>+  <script type="application/javascript;version=1.8"><![CDATA[
>+    // get URLs from prefs
>+    try {
>+      let formatter = Components.classes[";1"]
>+                                .getService(Components.interfaces.nsIURLFormatter);

>+  ]]></script>

Why not move the script to live in the same block? Then you can use Cc and Ci too

>diff -r d2e084002d97 locales/en-US/chrome/firstrun.dtd

I am looking at the original source when making these comments, not just the current source.

> <!ENTITY firstrun.title                "Welcome to &brandShortName;">
> <!ENTITY firstrun.heading              "Welcome to &brandShortName;">

"firstrun.heading" used to be ""To help get you started, ..." so you need to change the entity name for it too. You could just drop it and use "firstrun.title" twice in the HTML. If not, use "firstrun.heading2"

>+<!ENTITY firstrun.addons.title         "Get Addons">

"Get Add-ons"

I hope this review wins some kind of award too!
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