Redundant "Toolbar" in name of "Navigation Toolbar"




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Since the Gecko accessibility code started exposing the names of toolbars, the Navigation toolbar (containing the location and search bars) is reported by screen readers as "Navigation Toolbar toolbar". This is because the name is "Navigation Toolbar" and the role is toolbar. The "Toolbar" part of the name is redundant, as the fact that it is a toolbar is indicated by its role. Also, it is inconsistent with other toolbars; e.g. the browser tabs toolbar is named "Browser Tabs", not "Browser Tabs Toolbar".

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Firefox.
2. Press alt+d to move to the address bar.
3. Examine the name of the accessible for the parent toolbar.
Actual Results:  
The name is "Navigation Toolbar".

Expected Results:  
The name should be just "Navigation".


9 years ago
Keywords: access
Version: unspecified → Trunk
The name for the toolbar is grabbed from the toolbarname XUL attribute, if present. In the case of the browser tabs, we didn't have this, so we use aria-label on the browsertabs toolbar to give it a name. The toolbarname attribute corresponds to the menu item entry under View/Toolbars.
Is there a fairly easy way to add the XUL attribute for toolbarname to the Navigation and Bookmarks toolbars?
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I'm looking in here and wondering if it is a relatively easy fix:

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6 years ago
As I understand it, the toolbarname attribute is already set for the Navigation toolbar. However, it is set to "Navigation Toolbar" instead of just "Navigation", thus causing the redundancy. Changing that would change the View -> Toolbars menu, which probably isn't ideal. aria-label could be set to "Navigation" to fix this, but that introduces duplication in the code. :)
cc'ing Dao
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