make handle -DVAR=NUMBER such that #if VAR == NUMBER works



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support -DFOO=NUMBER better

Currently if you do:

and then in your preprocessed file:
#if FOO=100
some text

The #if condition will never be true. This is because the expression parser ( calls int() on the values it parses out, but the commandline handler for puts string values in for variables from the commandline. ( appears to handle all variable values as strings, FWIW).

This simple patch makes the commandline handler treat all-digit values as ints, and includes a couple of tests.
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8 years ago
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support -DFOO=NUMBER better

This is assuming that in the case, we're forcing our defines to be strings, and that's what it is, right? (unescapeDefines is only true for

r- based on the detail that 0100 should be parsed as octal, as that's what #define does, see

Which is, oh shiny, inconsistent to what Expressions, do. So

#define FOO 0100
#if FOO==0100
0100 not shown
#if FOO==64
64 shown

Happy faces, anyone? Should that be fixed?

We should make document the behaviour we end up with, too :-)
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8 years ago
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(v2) support -DFOO=NUMBER better, also support octal

Lame, but I fixed it.
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8 years ago
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8 years ago
I forgot to mention that the problem manifested itself after the
latest change:
$ hg log nsHelperAppDlg.js
changeset:   43659:8f63228de64c
user:        Gavin Sharp <>
date:        Mon Jun 07 10:31:58 2010 -0400
summary:     Bug 570155: Make the helperApp dialog use the getFileDisplayname helper consistently (fixes a broken #ifdef exposed by bug 569373), and refactor some ifdefs to avoid code duplication, r=Neil

This fix probably brings a dormant bug to the light of the day.
(That is for some reason, this.dialog was not null for sometime?)


18 days ago
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