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test_update.js hangs on Thunderbird builds


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For some reason when running test_update.js on Thunderbird builds, it is hanging.

The debugging that I've done so far, appears to point to test 7, where the test is trying to add (and update?) a lightweight theme.

So far, the update doesn't seem to be firing/requesting lwtheme.js from the http server. I can't see why.
I've tried running this in objdir with a Firefox build (i.e. the same as we do for Thunderbird) and Firefox passed successfully.

I think this may be pointing to something that FF is supporting that TB isn't, but I've not got nay idea where to look for that.
Got a log so I can see how far it gets?
Here's the log - it has some extra debug prints, but hopefully that gives a bit more explanation as to what is happening.
This is probably because Thunderbird doesn't have lightweight theme updates enabled by setting lightweightThemes.update.enabled to true.

We can either enable it in the apps or I wouldn't mind forcing it on for the test's sake.
This test hangs locally on my Linux SeaMonkey build too.

Services.prefs.setBoolPref("lightweightThemes.update.enabled", true");

prevents the hang. I need to update my build to see whether the test passes.
Adding the pref locally worked, I've pushed that to the TB tree so that hopefully things green up a bit:

Will re-assess tree state and tidy up this bug once I get off the plane in about 12 hours time.
(In reply to comment #4)
> We can either enable it in the apps or I wouldn't mind forcing it on for the
> test's sake.

Since SeaMonkey at least does not have lightweight themes, I at least would appreciate forcing the expectation of the pref to on for the test.
This adds setting the required pref to the test for applications/configurations which don't (yet?) support lightweight themes.
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