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PROCESS-CRASH | | application crashed (minidump found)

PROCESS-CRASH | | application crashed [@ nsRefPtr<XPCWrappedNative>::operator=]

This would make it waaay easier to identify known oranges.  Currently we have to load the full log, find the crash report, and generate a signature in our heads.
Would it make sense to share/borrow some code from Socorro, or should we hack up something separate for

How does crash signature generation work on Socorro?  For one thing, how does it parse the output of minidump-stackwalk?
With this fixed, I can make tbplbot suggest bugs for intermittent crashes as well, which would be cool!
Socorro runs minidump_stackwalk -m, which produces the pipe-delimited output you see in the "Raw Dump" tab of Socorro.

If you want signatures to match what's on Socorro, you'll have to either borrow Socorro code or reimplement the algorithms there. In addition, the Socorro config file specifies frames to ignore or append to the signature.
for Socorro 1.8, the signature generation code is being split off into its own python module to facilitate reuse.  That refactoring is in progress and will likely be deployed end of Q2 or beginning of Q3.
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Thanks to Ed Morley in bug 813650, we now have rough signatures (just the top frame).
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Depends on: 813650
Keywords: sheriffing-P2
Summary: should generate crash signatures for Tinderbox brief logs → should generate crash signatures using Socorro's module
At some point we should switch to using Socorro's crash signature generation module, so we get signatures that skip the relevant frames etc.
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