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Observers in Password Manager UI don't work


(Toolkit :: Password Manager, defect)

Not set





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I tried to copy from the observers in the Password Manager UI for my work in Data Manager, as it's hard to find the topic to observe, and I found out that not even that UI updates when passwords are added, changed, removed or sites blocked. obviously doesn't listen the right way, and that should be fixed.
I also think that "signonSelectUser" doesn't actually exist as a topic anywhere, btw.
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Hardware: x86 → All
Hmm, this is true. For the "signonChanged" topic, I guess "passwordmgr-storage-changed" fills that gap. It's the topic sent when a login as been added/removed/modified or when all logins have been removed or host saving enabled/disabled. Look through for _sendNotification for the various use cases.

For "signonSelectUser", not sure what that was even for based on the comment in there. I guess there was a dialog for selecting users and so it would prevent deleting a possibly in use login... I don't know that there's a corresponding topic nowadays...
I found out about "passwordmgr-storage-changed" for my own use in Data Manager now, yes, but I wanted to make sure this is filed so the toolkit password manager can be fixed as well.

"signonSelectUser" probably was for that selection window we had with the old non-JS password manager, yes, and we should just eliminate that, as that is gone for good.
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