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HTMLInputElement files IDL attribute should throw an INVALID_STATE_ERR exception when its type is not file


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At the moment, we are only returning an empty file list if the type is not 'file'.
This may break some websites but I suppose .files should not be used really often whit non-file input. It may worth trying to land this to Minefield and see what happen.
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Tested with success in the try server.
I actually, I think this is a bad idea. I'll raise it with the spec. We generally don't throw for any other properties that don't apply. In general throwing is a bit evil as people every so often iterate through all the properties using |for each|.
for each is our own extension, so it shouldn't break the web, right?

This logic seems to disfavor any form of state-validating getter, which seems extreme to me.
Surely there are cross-browser ways of iterating across all the properties of an object? Sorry if the "each" was mozilla specific.

Well, I agree that in some cases having state-validating getters makes sense. However given that there are sensible things to return here, and that precedence for all other properties that are type-specific, I think we should return a sensible value instead.

I sent a mail to the whatwg list, I suggest sending comments there.
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I'm minusing this for now until we hear back otherwise from the WGs
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Fixed in whatwg r5254 per Jonas comment.
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