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Configure needs to have --disable-webm for non-audio environment besides --disable-wave and --disable-ogg


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I have been building  TB3 (3.2a1pre) using comm-central for some time.

However, configure failed suddenly lately.

I found out that --disable-webm needs to be specified now in MOZCONFIG file
on top of --disable-wave and --disable-ogg when 
alsa sound package is not loaded. (The target PC is not equipeed with sound card and I didn't think it was necessary to enable audio for this build.)

A few weeks before, I could build TB3 using only 
ac_add_options --disable-ogg
ac_add_options --disable-wave

in MOZCONFIG file.

It turns out that the latest comm-central code requires
the additional disabling of webm feature by the  following:

ac_add_options --disable-webm

MOZ_SYDNEYAUDIO, whatever it stands for, gets set if webm feature is used,
and this MOZ_SYDNEYAUDIO is checked to see if alsa package is needed.

I would like the configure to explain what to do and so modified the comment
that is printed when alsa is not found under linux.

(Opening this bugzilla entry was suggested in


Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. On a linux PC without alsa package, prepare a fresh install of TB3 source files from comm-central.
2. Update to the latest source by "python checktout"
   Make sure you have 
ac_add_options --disable-ogg
ac_add_options --disable-wave
in $MOZCONFIG file.

3. run make -f build
Actual Results:  
configure failed.

Expected Results:  
configure should succeed or should mention that I need --disable-webm additionally on top of 
--disable-ogg and --disable-wave.
I tried to enter this as TB3 bug entry, but then I could not choose
Core -> Video/Audio entry, it seems.
From the comment  :
"Changing the ALSA error message to suggest --disable-webm is fine. Could you
file a separate bug in Core -> Video/Audio with your patch please?"

Anyway, I am attaching a patch to mozilla/

Component: General → Video/Audio
Product: Thunderbird → Core
Version: unspecified → Trunk
(Oh, as I tried to change the product to core , then when I hit commit button for the previous message, I was advised to choose the proper component and then I could choose video/audio.)
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Summary: Configure needs to have --disable-webm for non-audio environment beside --disable-wave and --disable-ogg → Configure needs to have --disable-webm for non-audio environment besides --disable-wave and --disable-ogg
+          AC_MSG_ERROR([Need alsa for Ogg, Wave or VP8 decoding on Linux.  

This should probably say 'WebM' instead of 'VP8'.
QA Contact: general →
Modified VP8 to WebM as suggested in the recent comment.
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Attachment #451888 - Flags: review?
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Patch to improve comment in mozilla/

Ted's the best person to review this.
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