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Consistently qualify accesses to dependent base classes in xpcom C++ code


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Per summary; clang ( is more strict about lookup in dependent base classes than other C++ compilers.  Patch attached.

First patch in a series of patches to allow compiling Firefox with clang (see
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This is ugly. If necessary, introduce a self_type typedef.
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I was trying to match local style, but if you prefer something more like this...
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Patch v2

dbaron, can you check this? It seems to me that clang is being incorrectly strict, since it can assume that identifiers which are not qualified with `typename` are dependent on the base type.
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cc'ing my compiler experts
This seems plausible based on rumors I've heard about name lookup in templates, but I really don't know much about that part of the C++ spec.  Any idea if the gcc folks think it's a bug that they accept this code?
Why are you prefering base_type::method() rather than this->method() ?  It seems like I'd default to preferring the latter unless you have a reason for the former.
I wasn't really thinking about it; I'll change it to this->method().
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Updated to prefer "this->".
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Patch v3


Do you (still?) have commit access, or do you need someone to land this for you?
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(If you need/want someone to land it for you, you can add the 'checkin-needed' keyword.)
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