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Improve logic for discarding notifications on document load


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We should improve the logic for discarding notifications in Firefox when new documents are loaded to what SeaMonkey is using for notification bars right now. See bug 570004 comment #15 and Gavin's reply in comment #19.
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Hard to resist the urge to expand the cleanup...
Hmm, actually this breaks test #4 of browser_popupNotification.js - strangely enough, as manually testing a site requesting a geolocation prompt in a background tab works correctly, i.e. shows the doorhanger once I switch to the tab.
In the test though, we somehow call .onLocationChange due to this change and we end up not having the notification around when the ._update() runs for switching to the tab.

Any idea what's up there?
You may need to port SeaMonkey bug 753765 too ;-)
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Component: General → Notifications and Alerts
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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