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"Firefox is already running, but is not responding" window has no icon


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Windows XP
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"Firefox is already running, but is not responding" window has no icon. See screenshot for details.

Reproducible: Always
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Keywords: regression
This is a regression with respect to Firefox 3.6.6.
Jim, could this be a titlebar drawing regression?
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Product: Firefox → Core
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Don't see how that would cause something like this, it's caused by a hung process, which could be anything.
Please note that I'm referring to the icon that should be at the left of the message, and not in the titlebar.
Whiteboard: [polish-p3]
Keywords: polish
Whiteboard: [polish-p3] → [polish-p5]
Depends on: 491947
Assignee: nobody → netzen
Attached patch Patch for no icon (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The problem was that we were using a confirm box with only an OK button when we didn't have a profile unlocker supplied at startup.
I now use an alert box with a warning icon in that case.
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By the way it was showing an icon for me but it was the wrong icon (a question mark) and should be an alert as the patch does.
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Patch for no icon

I'm guessing this needs (sub)moa.
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Attachment #554415 - Flags: feedback?(benjamin) → feedback+
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Patch for no icon

>-      flags =
>+      PRUint32 flags =
Since we're no longer changing the flags, can we make this const?

>-        nsIPromptService::BUTTON_TITLE_CANCEL * nsIPromptService::BUTTON_POS_0 +
>-        nsIPromptService::BUTTON_TITLE_IS_STRING * nsIPromptService::BUTTON_POS_1 +
>+        (nsIPromptService::BUTTON_TITLE_CANCEL * 
>+         nsIPromptService::BUTTON_POS_0) +
>+        (nsIPromptService::BUTTON_TITLE_IS_STRING * 
>+         nsIPromptService::BUTTON_POS_1) +
Why this change?
> can we make this const?

Sure I'll submit an updated patch.

> Why this change?

The logic is the same, but I changed it to fix the line length >80. The parentheses are just for easier code readability.
Added const to the flags variable.
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Attachment #554415 - Flags: review?(neil)
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Closed: 9 years ago
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Did you test the |if (aUnlocker)| code path, which still uses confirmEx()? And was it showing any icon?

I ask because the confirmEx() prompt should always be showing an icon (a question-mark icon). So it seems like there's still some bug lurking here as to how we're showing a prompt with _no_ icon...
With Firefox 6.0.1 on Windows 7 I get a prompt with a question icon, as expected.
Oh, this bug was originally reported against 3.6, and the prompting code's been completely rewritten since then. So unless the "no icon" prompt can be reproduced on a nightly, it's probably just an odd bug in the old code.

I checked Win7 in both Aero and Classic modes, and get icons in both cases.

False alarm! :)
See Comment 6, and feedback+ from bsmedberg. The problem couldn't be reproduced with no icon but it was suggested to change to a warning icon instead of a question mark.
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