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Make NodeIterator and TreeWalker not use GetChildAt


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Both these classes can probably be significantly simplified, and be made more performant, by using the new GetFirstChild/GetNextSibling functions on nsINode, rather than the old GetChildAt/GetChildCount functions.

We might even be able to use nsINode::GetNextNode, though there is no equivalent for iterating backwards.
We can easily add a backwards version.  Backwards is actually simpler than forwards, since backwards is just "get previous sibling; if there is one, drill down its GetLastChild chain and if not return our parent" or so, right?
Yep, that sounds right. Might also need to compare |this| to |aRoot| and return null if they are the same.
Need to add previous sibling so that we can stop using aIndexInContainer in the mutation observer in nsNodeIterator.
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Part 2: NodeIterator

It'd be nice to get rid of NodePointer::MoveForward and MoveBackward and just use nsINode::GetNextNode (and something similar for backwards iteration). However it does seem tricky given what we need in AdjustAfterRemoval.

r=me in any case. Thanks a lot for doing this!
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Recoded to not use GetChildAt and also removed recursion.
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Part 3: TreeWalker

r=me, but would love to see some tests!
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Seems I forgot to rev the IID on nsIMutationObserver.
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This needs approval2.0 to land.
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So this should be "RESOLVED FIXED", right?
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Well I left it open cause I was going to write some tests as requested.
I'd suggest resolving this bug and filing a new one for tests.
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Resolving as suggested.
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