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Addons manager summary view looks cramped on the right side


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The new addons manager looks cramped on the right side, while there is a lot of unused space on the left side. This imbalance makes each addon's entry take up much more vertical space than necessary. I propose the following arrangement, which would allow seeing more addons at any one time than the present 4½ or so:

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I also suggest to replace the line "/!\ Incompatible with <application> <version>", which, when present, takes up one more line on the right side, making it even more cramped, by a big yellow or red icon next to the addon's icon on the left side (where there is room), and the text on a tooltip.
Attached image Mockup: List View
The design of List View in the add-ons manager has changed slightly since the posting of this bug: less information is being shown in List View, allowing increased readability and more add-ons viewable.  Please comment if this does not address your concerns (see attached).
In reply to comment #1:
Hm, this mockup is already less cramped, and allows a more "decent" number of visible entries onscreen. I'll perhaps reply in more detail when I'll be able to upgrade my SeaMonkey nightly, i.e. when either (a) bug 576746 being FIXED, Lightning will be built again, or (b) I'll have decided that Lightning won't be built again in any foreseeable future, and fired up my old (and obsolete - there is no other) Sunbird to handle my calendars so I can upgrade SeaMonkey to something more recent than the build mentioned in comment #0, which I'm still using ATM.
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