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Consider starting bash in its own console window


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Running bash directly from a batch file has the problem that if you press ^C then when you exit bash CMD asks you if you want to terminate the batch file.
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Possible patch
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Seems reasonable.
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This seems to make it impossible to use applications such as Console2, which wrap Windows' console window in its own UI, to provide things like a tabbed interface. Forcing a new command window to open means it can't be displayed in a tab.
Scrolling and maximising is broken too.
Guess we should back it out.
Ha, just found this after finally tracking down why Console2 stopped working last time I updated mozilla-build. Sigh. Would be nice if the start-*.bat scripts could automatically notice they were running inside Console2, but I don't see any obvious way to do such a thing.
Does this mean we are going to back it out?
I keep lacking in time to do so, but anyone else is welcome to back it out.
Hmm, I guess I should have told you, I found out about this myself shortly after it was checked in but didn't take the time to document my findings here. Instead I just fixed it for myself by creating a custom copy of the script.

Maybe we could check an environment variable and make the behavior depend on that? Note that I don't know enough about batch file scripting to implement this, though (bash is so much easier...).
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(In reply to comment #10)
> Maybe we could check an environment variable and make the behavior depend on
> that?

An env var or a param should be easy to check, if needed.
Eh, doesn't seem worth the time.
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