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Resizing window filled by test plugin does not repaint correctly


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>+<embed type="application/x-test" style="width:200px; height:400px;"></embed>

>+<embed type="application/x-test" id="p"
>+       style="position:fixed; width:200px; height:200px;"></embed>

Presumably you intended position fixed on both the reference and the test?
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Actually I intended *not* to have position:fixed on the reference. They get the same position thanks to left/top being auto.
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So I guess there are some other places that got view invalidation but now need frame invalidation?
Probably. I fixed a few in bug 564991 itself.
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This is what I see before patches.  The black box lines up with the plugin and transparency of the from left to right of the plugin area which i am able to see the background app's left and right vertical borders through firefox.
Actually I suspect this is more of a bug in the test plugin than anything else.

When a windowless plugin's rendering depends on the size of its window, and it detects a change in the window size, it should invalidate itself, right? I don't know of any promise that we make to invalidate a plugin in such a situation. The test plugin doesn't invalidate itself on window size change, but it should.
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I think I'm fixing a genuine bug in the test plugin here: in the default drawing mode, when the window size changes we need to redraw the entire window since the text+borders we draw everywhere depends on the window size. (For the solid color mode, this is not true.)

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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better fix

Fix to test plugin only. No risk.
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The testcase plugin certainly looks fixed now.  I tried to resize it a few times and it does show issues anymore.

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This bug's testcase seems to be sporadically failing on tinderbox a few times a day -- see bug 611164.
Depends on: 611164
Depends on: 803473
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